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The Italian fashion Guru, Roberto Cavalli, became popular in the industy world thanks to his extravagant, eccentric and bizarre clothing. Many celebrities love his styles and designs because of their unique methods, ideas and because all his collections are unique and expensive.

Roberto Cavalli has also proclaimed his name in the perfumery industry as one of whose perfumes symbolize the Italian elegance and beauty.  Roberto Cavalli Perfumes are known to be one of the most famous and praised perfumes of our time. Truly unique, elegant, romantic and sensual are few words that would describe Roberto Cavalli perfumes.

All Roberto Cavalli Perfumes for women are described as innovative and fresh with notes that tempt and lure. Roberto Cavalli perfumes for women include: Just Cavalli perfume by Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli Pink Perfume by Roberto Cavalli, Serpentine perfume by Roberto Cavalli, ORO perfume by Roberto Cavalli, and latest Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum (2012), Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli (2012),   Roberto Cavalli Acqua (2013), Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition(2013), Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto (2013), Roberto Cavalli Tiger Oud (2013), Roberto Cavalli Exotica (2014), Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Exclusive Edition (2014).