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The American fashion house of Ralph Lauren associates with luxury, elegance and high-end quality. Launched by famous designer Ralph Lauren in 1967, the successful brand is crafting deluxe as well as daily modern collections and delightful perfumes.


First fragrance launched by Ralph Lauren showed up in 1978 with the name Ralph Lauren Polo for Men. Even though almost all perfumes portray the morning mood and fresh feelings, Ralph Lauren successfully releases evening and intense fragrances for both men and women.


For women, Ralph Lauren offers rich, feminine, sensual and splendid perfumes like Ralph Lauren Ralph RocksRalph Lauren Glamorous Daylight, Ralph Lauren Ralph CoolRalph Lauren Glamorous Daylight, Ralph Lauren Ralph RIRomance and Summer Romance, and Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Women, Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom (2012), Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1, 2, 3, 4(2012).


For men Ralph Lauren is also presenting special and unique fragrances like Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, Ralph Lauren Polo Double BlackRalph Lauren Polo GreenRalph Lauren Romance SilverRalph Lauren Extreme Polo Sport,  Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport (2012).

With any Ralph Lauren perfume, men or women will look trendy, casual chic and very special.