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KENZO is one of the most famous and acclaimed Japanese fashion houses in the world with a huge popularity. Founded in 1993 by the Japanese fashion house launched by Kenzo Takada, Kenzo crafts elegant and chic clothing and fresh and seductive perfumes.

First Kenzo fragrance showed up in 1988, with Kenzo de Kenzo – a very stylish and still one of the most favorite women perfumes. With Kenzo, perfume lovers will feel beautiful and special.


Possessing a rich feminine and sensual line of fragrances, Kenzo de Kenzo for Woman, Le monde est beau for Women, L’eau Par Kenzo for Women can satisfy even the most demanding women. However, one of the most legendary Kenzo perfume for women is considered to be Flower by Kenzo – a sweet and fruity scent that brings passion and romance to its wearer. L`Eau de Kenzo Amour Kenzo is brand’s latest fragrance that will evoke joy and positive emotions. Also this year (2011) Kenzo will impress its wearers with Kenzo 10:10 am in SiciliaKenzo Flower by Kenzo Summer and Madly KenzoKenzo Eau de Fleur de Camelia (2012) from the collection Les Eaux De Fleur and a romantic new perfume Kenzo Amour I Love U (2012), Kenzo L’Eau 2 pour Femme (2012), Kenzo Amour My Love (2013), Kenzo Madly Kenzo! Kiss ‘n Fly (2013), Kenzo Flower In The Air (2013), Kenzo Couleur Kenzo Violet (2014), Kenzo Flower By Kenzo Summer Fragrance (2014).


First Kenzo fragrance for men Kenzo pour Homme, was launched in 1992. Among most famous Kenzo colognes for men are Jungle by Kenzo, Kenzo by Kenzo, L’eau par Kenzo and latest Kenzo Homme Sport by Kenzo (2012), Kenzo L’Eau 2 pour Homme (2012).