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Azzaro was founded by the French fashion designer Loris Azzaro in 1962. Azzaro’s glamor fashion collections and delightful perfumes are full of life. Azzaro Perfumes are still one of the most in demand and one of the best-selling in the world.

First Azzaro fragrance was introduced in 1975 with Azzaro Couture still one of those timeless and legendary perfumes that are always praised. Most delightful Azzaro Perfumes for women include Azzaro Now by Loris Azzaro, Visit by Azzaro, Pink Tonic by Azzaro, Azzaro Now Women by Azzaro, and latest thrilling fragrance Azzaro Duo for Women (2010).


Azzaro Colognes for men are compared to a mirage, because the fragrance is almost hallucinating. Top Azzaro Colognes for men are Azzaro Bright Visit cologne, Pure Cedrat by Azzaro, Chrome by Loris Azzaro, Azzaro by Loris Azzaro,  Azzaro Pour Homme L’Eau and Azzaro Decibel and Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time (2012) Azzaro Chrome Summer (2012).