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AGENT PROVOCATEUR crafts one of the most luxurious and sexy lingerie in the world as well as seductive, flirty and magic perfumes. Every Agent Provocateur Perfume awakens the Provocateur in every woman. Very intriguing and memorable all Agent Provocateur fragrances are a secret accessory for seducing, in any woman’s hands.

Agent Provocateur Perfumes are delicious, warm and floral. Agent Provocateur magically blends exotic flowers that will never leave you without a compliment from men. Most unforgettable and alluring Agent Provocateur women perfumes are Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur (2000), Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle (2006), MAITRESSE by Agent Provocateur (2006),  Agent Provocateur L’Agent (2011)Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur Collection (2012), Agent Provocateur Petale Noir (2012), Agent Provocateur Fatale (2014).

Agent Provocateur fragrances are an ideal combination of feminine hypnotic scents and stunningly beautiful bottlesWith Agent Provocateur perfumes, seduction hasn’t barrier.